Can’t See The Camo

Hello and welcome to Doss Doc’s fashion learning blog.  This installment I am going to educate the masses on one of the most under appreciated pieces of clothing,


In my opinion, and the opinion of the real philosophers of the world, Camo is one of the best fabric designs in existence.  It literally goes with everything (even my other favorite clothing style, Jorts).  imgres

As you can see even people with millions of dollars still resort to remember to make their outfits really POP.

Remember in the first paragraph where I said Camo can literally go anywhere on the body and still look good?  Well that still applies cause look at this hot stuff,images

You can wear it around the town, to bachelor parties, hunting, farming, kinda everywhere, duh.

Many of you are thinking, wow camo looks good in shorts but can it be longer on your legs?  Well you CAN, camo can touch your ankles AND still be a huge fashion piece.


Just look at how much coverage you are getting in these bad boys.  Perfect for a windy day that you want to wear pants but you still want a conversation starter for the big party.

“Hey Doss Doc’s I know you can wear camo on your head and your legs, but could someone possibly wear it on the upper body?”- Everyone

Yes you can “everyone”.  Image how good camo looks on the lower body and multiply that by 10.  Then you can really imagine the looks of camo on your chest.


In conclusion camo is the real GOAT and no one should EVER disvalue its existence!

“Kids don’t do drugs, stay in school, and always keep your camo game poppin”- JFK.

Thank you for trusting Doss Doc’s for your fashion education, remember to stay smart out there!


-Doss Doc’s


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