Vans R For Everyone

I don’t know how I would live without my black low top Vans; my fashion and self esteem would  honestly croak,”-Hypebeast Connor

If Vans mean so much to Connor, should they affect your daily life?  YES

Heres a list of people that can successfully pull of Vans:

  1. Everyone
  2. and
  3. Anyone

The topic of this Doss Doc’s fashion education is the stereotypes that non fashion educated people hold with some of the best kicks on the market–


“Hey Doss Doc’s, can I wear Vans even if I don’t grind the rails?”-Reader

Well, yes, ‘reader.’  Literally everyone can wear Vans– look at him…


As you can very clearly see he is walking, not boarding, and he looks just exquisite doing it.

The next question the uneducated probably have is, would you wear low tops or risk it and get the extra coverage with the highs?  Well as fashionably educated as I am I think the answer is a no brainer.


For those days where you don’t want to mess up your majestic tan line, you wear the lows.  And when you’re really feeling like protecting those ankles from gnarly falls, you choose the extra fabric high tops.

And remember, if you’re a skater you can pull off Vans too.


Look at him… he’s got his foot on the board and the white of the soles is still POPPING.

And what would happen if you combined the last three fashion blogs into one you say,  you would get the outfit fit for the gods!



Image how heated this outfit would get if he replaced a dull white shirt with camo on this chest.

You will be rocking the town so hard in this three piece combo that the masses will be spinning their heads for days!

When in doubt remember the wise words Dr. Seuss said, “You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your Vans.  Anyone can wears Vans, even non skater jazzman.”

-Doss Doss’s Fashion Guide For The Masses


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