5 Hippest Outfits Of The Week- Friday Special

When I first created this blog, I thought to myself, what could be a special segment that I could throw in so the loyal viewers wouldn’t get bored?  

One night in my dreams it came to me… I could highlight all the best outfits that I saw this week. 

Thus I created A Doss Doc’s special “5 hippest outfits of the week”.

As killer kemstar would say “Let’s get right into the Blog!”


Coming in at number 5 is Kanye West’s ripped shirt. The reason this is coming in so low, is that only half the shirt is torn. If Kanye would’ve taken the time to tear his whole shirt (even the chest) and push the boundaries of fashion, it would have easily secured a silver medal. There just isn’t anything special about this outfit that could propell it ahead of the outfits that placed higher.


WOW don’t we all wish we could go back to the 80’s fashion standards. Jeans, jeans, jeans. There’s nothing else about this picture, but that’s a compliment not a downfall. I just love the simplicity but yet the depth of the image.  It’s like swimming in a kitty pool, but after you jump in you reach your foot down and you can’t feel the bottom. Misleading from the surface but as deep as light can travel.  The only reason that this didn’t place in the top 3 is just the very selective group that would ever try this outfit on!


Coming in with the bronze medal is cam newton with his male romper. This was an easy choice for me ranking this outfit so high because of  many factors. It is very edgy in the way that only benefits the fashion game as a whole. Another factor is the matching throughout all of it. With the romper giving you a little lick of pink, then the shoes coming in and they give you a whole spoonful! And I’m not going to even get into the hat, it just caps it off perfectly! Good choice with this lineup Cam!


Not much to say about this one, because anyone can see the real appeal of this outfit. Remeber all the compliments I gave to denim shirts  and jorts. Yea well he’s rocking all of them.  And remeber kids , if you cut the sleeves off your shirts, you can accomplish anything! This would have been as easy choice for the winner of this weeks contest, but a complex outfit that ties everything I’m looking for together easily beats this. 



Have you ever wanted a style that you could BOTH hunt with, and party with? If your answer was yes like the majority of the population, then mimic this! The thick wool gloves will allow for perfect branch snapping material. And the parka will allow for double trouble. The stuffing inside will allow for perfect warm air ventilation, AND with the stripes no one will ever doubt your fashion game again! The inclusion of the cowboy hat also allows the wearer to travel down south if he fancys too. This was a simple choice for the gold medal because of everything this outfit is offering me. Edgy? Yes. Fun? Easily. Creative? The most!

Thank you for reading this SPECIAL blog of Doss Doc’s, and if you disagree with any ranking feel free to leave a comment down below!


5 thoughts on “5 Hippest Outfits Of The Week- Friday Special

  1. Wow ‘Doss Docs,’ these outfits really are hip and cool! Although I would rank Kanye’s distressed shirt at #1, I find all of these outfits to be hip!


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