Death of a Blog– A Look Into The Rise And Fall of Doss Doc’s Fashion Blog

Boy has it been a ride!

There are many folk tales about how Doss Doc’s fashion blog rose from nothing to everything, BUT you are about to hear the true story.

It was just an avarage day on earth, when suddenly a human got the idea, “I could make a blog about all the under used clothing, and educate kids from all around the world!”

Thusly Doss Doc’s was formed from the embers of fire

And with a single rain drop…a storm brewed.

The first work of art Doss Doc’s ever posted was a priece with the simply the word “Jorts” to represent it.

Jorts performed very well for the first price attaining 30 viewers, Doss Doc’s thought it was up from there… and his claim stood true…for a while.

The next post is what most people associate Doss Doc’s career with, “Can’t See The Camo”. This piece was a fan favorite and an international succes attaining a WHOPPING 43 viewers from 4 different countries

But will all gold, there also comes ugly.

My next and second to last post “Vans R for Everyone” performed a little worse than camo only getting about 25 viewers.

Doss Doc’s thought this was just a twister, but it turned out to be a full blown shark-nado.

Doss Doc’s final peice of art was “Top 5 Hippest Outfits of The Week”. This post spelled the end in the blog game, underperforming “bigly”-Donald Trump, only reciving 13 views and no likes.

That post really just nailed the nail down in the good ol’ coffin.

And from there on it was history. It was a hard decision realizing it was my time to leave the fashion game behind, but as Rick Harrison says- “One thing I’ve learned after 21 years, you never know how many viewers are going to come through that door.”

And that is the story of how brutal the fashion blog market can treat you sometimes, but its certainly tough love indeed.


And now it it’s time to thank my biggest supporters, because without them my blog may have only lasted 5 days, instead of 9.

“Hypebeast Connor”, the boys, all of the people from Instagram, and many more that I can’t say the name of, but they know who they are, are the supporters I give all of my love to.

Special thanks to my only real bloggers who liked my content. My girls @Simplybysimome and @Beatricewithlove. The feelings never really went both ways though, because their stale content couldn’t compete with my humor and beautiful writing skills, in mine and the rest of the world’s opinion.

And everyone go check out “the study on…” this blogger (also on WordPress) is a talented writer who will soon be known by all. He is also one of the biggest fans of Doss Doc’s and I think him for his continued loyalty throughout this week and a half.


The way I sleep at night is knowing one of my various teachings of fashion helps a misguided youngster learn to love Jorts, Camo, or even Vans.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, Cry because it will never happen again”- Anonymous


Thank you all and goodbye

And for the final time- Thank you for trusting Doss Doc’s for all of your fashion needs!

Doss Doc’s


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